Summer 2017

Planned Giving Tomorrow™ is different from all the other fundraising publications that pile up on your desk. And that difference means that it will be the one publication that you will actually make time to read.

Different how?

First, it is written for all fundraisers, not just the ever-shrinking number of planned giving-only specialists. (Why? Because we know that today, many of our colleagues are being asked to bring in planned gifts while also attending to other fundraising duties.)

Second, it focuses primarily on marketing. (Why? Because we believe that the ability to get your message heard and to persuade people to make a gift beats mere technical competence every time. Should you know how a unitrust works? Yes. Should you delay soliciting planned gifts until you do? No.)

Planned Giving Tomorrow™, is stuffed with facts, findings and research that you can put to use now, all presented in an informal, friendly, and opinionated style. We have a point of view, and you'll hear it.

If you want to know more about the publisher, then visit PlannedGiving.com, LLC. If you want to know why and how we began this newsletter, click on About. And who stands behind PlannedGiving.com? VirtualGiving.com, the country's most innovative Web-centric planned giving marketer — and the partner with the nation's leading non-profits in getting their planned giving message online.

Editor: Viken Mikaelian (contact)